VW MK4 DSL520 Injector Nozzle Set (.205)

$149.99 USD

SKU: CTS.205 CTS Turbo

The CTS injector nozzles for the VW TDi replace the standard injector tips for vastly improved power and torque from the 1.9L turbo diesel engine. The new injector gives significant improvements across the complete rev range. The increased torque from low engine speeds improves driveability, reducing the need for gear changing.  These are perfect for mild upgrades on stock cars, 5 speed or automatic. Approximate gains are 20 hp and 30 torque over stock. Comes with a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
\nWe have 2 different sizes of nozzles in stock for the 96-03 TDI cars. The 205's (DSL520's) are good for approximately 22hp and the 216's (DSL502's) approximately 30hp.  The automatic transmission cars have a larger injection pump and will make more power than the manual transmission cars with a nozzle change.  Customers should note the 216's can be a little smokey depending on setup.  Most customers (especially the auto cars) will be happy with the 205's.