CTS SAI Blockoff Plate Kit for MK5 R32 VR6 Engines

$69.99 USD

SKU: CTS-HW-197 CTS Turbo

These plates allow the removal of the entire secondary air injection / combi valve system, including the large injection pump.  This results in a much cleaner looking engine bay, as well as less clutter and more room for you to get in there and wrench on your ride. We CNC machine these plates from 6061 aluminum alloy to ensure a perfect fit, and a beautiful looking piece! This kit includes both plates needed for removing the SAI system, as well as the necessary mounting bolst and seals.
\nComes standard is black anodized finish. Fits MK5 R32 engines only, not for use with MK4 R32 engines
\nIntended for off road use only. Proper software must be used to remove the check engine light and ensure correct engine operation.