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CTS Turbo is proud to offer a variety of turbo kits that can easily turn your MK5 .:R32 into a world class supercar killer. The power potential starts with a state of the art Precision 6262S turbocharger which is equipped with the latest in aerodynamic compressor wheel design, CEA Billet Compressor wheel (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics). \n \nYou want big power out of your R32 right? Well you'll need to efficiently control the boost and the immense amount of exhaust gases exiting the boosted 3.2L. Yeah, we've got you covered with the Precision V-band 46mm external wastegate, T4 flanged exhaust manifold with V-band wastegate provision, and a 3" V-band downpipe. \n \nTopping this kit off is the CTS 750HP FMIC, don't you hate it when you buy parts and you need to change them to meet your power goals 6 months later? Well we've got you covered, each kit includes a CTS 750HP FMIC, 2.5" stainless steel piping hot and cold side, stainless steel T-bolt clamps, and 4 ply silicon connectors. \n \nIn short, if you're looking for big power out of your R32 and a hardware setup that can support between 350HP and 750HP then you're looking in the right spot. Please take some time to check out our products below, we have a variety of turbocharger offerings for every power goal. \n \n  \n \nStage 3 MKV R32 Turbo Hardware Kit Features: \n \nPrecision Turbo and Engine Billet HP6262S Turbocharger (drop down menu options available) \n \nPrecision Turbo and Engine 46mm vband external wastegate \nCTS Turbo proprietary exhaust manifold for R32 24V with T4 turbocharger flange \nCTS high density FMIC kit rated for 700HP (24x12x3") \nCTS proprietary stainless steel intercooler piping \n \nCTS head spacer kit, 8.5:1CR \nCTS 4 ply silicon connectors \nCTS stainless steel T-bolt clamps \nCTS stainless steel 3" downpipe \nCTS stainless steel 4" air intake system \nCTS Race Air Filter \nCTS 4" MAF housing \nCTS stainless steel oil feed and drain line kits \nCTS hardware, gaskets, nuts, studs and fittings \nWalbro inline 255LPH fuel pump kit, designed to work with all factory fuel lines