CTS Big Turbo TT225Q / 8L S3 Downpipe 1.8T

$999.99 USD


If you're looking to build a custom turbo setup on your Audi TT225Q or Audi S3 1.8T then this is the downpipe for you. \n \nHand crafted in house from 3" stainless steel this downpipe is designed for turbos that feature the T31 2.5" 4-bolt style turbine housing. You must use CTS turbo exhaust manifold (1.8TT3MAN) for proper fitment. \n \nOur downpipe extends from turbo and connects to your existing cat back exhaust. \n \nNo need for mid pipes or odd extension pieces this is a complete solution for the DIY Audi tuner looking to go fast.  For further questions feel free to contact us via email. \n \nNOTE: WILL NOT FIT CONVERTIBLE.