VRSF Evo X 4" Intercooler Upgrade Kit - 08+ Mitsubishi Evolution 10

$399.00 USD


VRSF Evo X 4" Intercooler Upgrade Kit for your 08+ Mitsubishi Evolution 10

This kit is perfect for the Evo owner that's looking for a high quality, well engineered intercooler at a reasonable price. We specifically designed this intercooler to maximize efficiency while providing the most flow and least amount of pressure drop. Unlike our competitors, we utilize a specifically engineered internal and external fin pack that has been developed to keep intake temps down while keeping pressure loss to a minimum. Our CAD designed cast end tanks will bolt onto any intercooler piping that will fit stock or aftermarket interoolers (ETS, AMS, Buschur, ect). Our 4" intercooler is also designed to allow fitment of the oem crash bar without requiring trimming.

The VRSF 4" Evo X intercooler utilizes a dense staggered and offset fin pack in order to effectively separate & cool hot air molecules whereas most inexpensive cores use a straight through design that cools poorly. This design allows for a cooler intake charge which results in the ability to add more timing and run more boost while suppressing knock which will ultimately make more power (safely).

We generally recommend the 4" kit for anyone making up to 800hp. This kit includes everything required to install. We also offer discounted intercooler piping kits listed below!