VQ37 Ecutek Tune

$700.00 USD


Get the most out of your VQ37 powered 370Z/G37/Q50/Q60 with full timing control from EcuTek.

EcuTek's custom code called RaceRom bypasses the overly complex factory ignition strategy and allows us to implement consistent gains. Never before have we been able to completely control the ignition control strategy, until now.

Btuned Performance - EcuTek Kit Includes 

    • EcuTek ProECU Programming Kit (Bluetooth)
      • Case
      • ECU Connect Vehicle Interface (Bluetooth)
      • Mini USB Cable
      • ProECU DesKey
    • EcuTek Programming License (For 1 vehicle)
    • OTS Calibration
    • Back to Stock Calibration File

    ECU CONNECT Features

    • Diagnostic Trouble Code Reading/Clearing 
    • Map Switching
    • Adjustable Boost Control (EBC Equipped Cars)
    • Valet Mode
    • Performance Analyzer
    • Data logging without a laptop